Side Effects Of Oxytocin Nasal Spray

Recognized as the ‘trust hormone,’ oxytocin is normally associated with childbirth and bonding. Researchers are now studying the influence oxytocin has on happiness and contentment as well as harmony in relationships.

side effects of oxytocin in nasal sprayWe now know that oxytocin affects (especially from oxytocin spray) the social distance between adult males and females, and in part may be responsible for romantic attraction and monogamous relationships. Additionally, the side effects of oxytocin in nasal spray caused men in a monogamous relationship, but not single men, to increase the distance between themselves and an attractive woman during a first encounter. Wikipedia describes how researchers suggested that oxytocin may help promote fidelity within monogamous relationships.

More Side Effects Of Oxytocin And Nasal Spray studies

Another study shows how side effects of oxytocin nasal spray can help reduce conflict within relationships. Researchers at the University of Zurich observed 47 couples who were either married or living together for at least a year. Each couple chose an issue where they disagreed. They then self-administered a five spray dose of either oxytocin or a placebo. The couples were left alone to discuss the contentious topic while the researchers filmed the interaction.

Comparative Study on Side Effects Of Oxytocin

Compared to those who received the placebo, women who were given the oxytocin spray had a significant drop in nervous system activity whereas in men, it rose. Women became more sociable while men demonstrated heightened positive behavior. The researchers are looking further into the possible benefits of oxytocin on contentious couples.

According to the song, the look of love is in your eyes, but however, the way to marital harmony may be up the nose. It has become evident that some of the positive side effects of oxytocin in nasal spray is that oxytocin changes how couples interact with each other and it acts as a kind of fidelity hormone.

Supplemental oxytocin can be very helpful if you have an oxytocin deficiency. Positive side effects of oxytocin in nasal spray is part of a comprehensive approach to mood enhancement.