Oxytocin Supplement Side Effects

oxytocin supplement side effectsWhat makes oxytocin a potential remedy for a number of illnesses and conditions is that  many individuals today suffer from more that one malady . Supporting oxytocin supplement side effects studies indicate that:

  • Oxytocin improves cognitive impairment and increases energy levels
  • Oxytocin helps to regulate and reduce blood pressure
  • Oxytocin is proven to alleviate anxiety and depression, and promotes social comfort and interaction

Understanding Oxytocin Supplement Side Effects

To understand what the effects are we reviewed what the experts have to say about Oxytocin supplement side effects.  The authors of one Oxytocin reviews article in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry takes a  look at identifying clinical implications of using oxytocin to treat various neuropsychiatric disorders. The review article examines existing research on the evidence where the lack of oxytocin causes dysfunction in a variety of psychiatric disorders and highlights the need for further research to identify the biological role of oxytocin in forming relationships.
For example, Claremont Graduate University economist Paul Zak, PhD,  in his book “The Morality Molecule: How Trust Works,” writes about oxytocin, explaining the mechanics of oxytocin supplement side effects on our relationships and the powers it holds over human behavior. He calls oxytocin the “the love hormone.”
“As social creatures, we need some sort of signaling molecule that says, ‘You’re safe to be around, I can interact with you,” Zak said. “Oxytocin motivates social interactions by reducing stress levels, and it actually improves our immune system, so we get these very subtle signals that you are part of my tribe or my family, so I can affiliate with you.” Watch video to learn more.

Another study shows that Oxytocin supplement side effects promotes decreases stress hormone (cortisol) levels. Research has shown that genetics plays a role in how your body deals with stress. Depending on your genetics, oxytocin can have a strong influence on how the people around you can help you deal with stress. A 2011 study, published in the Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, about common oxytocin receptors reported that “Stress is a ubiquitous challenge across human cultures, affecting mental and physical health. The identification of factors that amplify or reduce stress and stress-related diseases represents a research priority.” This study included the administration of oxytocin to be crucial for learning about, and fine tuning, innovative strategies for therapy.

About Branding Oxytocin Supplement Side Effects

With so many human oxytocin supplement brands on the market, how will one know which works best, or works at all? We have assembled a list of who we feel are currently the top websites for Oxytocin supplement products and reviews. While there is certainly subjectivity involved in how we are ranking these Oxytocin websites, we are doing our best to minimize that and look at the more important benefits of products on the market today. Learn more about oxytocin supplement side effects from Wikipedia.

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