Oxytocin Spray Side Effects

One of the oxytocin spray side effects nasal spray have shown positive results in helping children with autism learn to handle social situations better, US researchers claim. A number of autistic spectrum disorder children have shown that a single dose of the chemical improved brain responses to facial expressions, a shift that could make social interactions feel more natural and rewarding for them.

The scientists behind the research said a course of oxytocin might boost the success of behavoral therapies that are already used to help people with autism learn to cope with social situations.

oxytocin spray side effectsA Yale Child Study Center research team that includesKevin Pelphrey and Ilanit Gordon. “Our findings provide the first, critical steps toward devising more effective treatments for the core social deficits in autism, which may involve a combination of clinical interventions with an administration of oxytocin,” said Gordon. “Such a treatment approach will fundamentally improve our understanding of autism and its treatment.”

More about Oxytocin Spray Side Effects

Another report about Oxytocin spray side effects is being studied in China as a treatment for headache. In a 2013 study published in Neuropeptides, researchers found oxytocin (OXT) sprayed up the nose could alleviate headaches. They reported, “the data suggested that intranasal OXT, which was delivered to the central nervous system through olfactory region, could treat human headache and OXT might be a potential drug of headache relief by intranasal administration.”

Oxytocin Spray Side Effects as the Love Hormone

Oxytocin is well known as the ‘love hormone’. The well established and scientifically proven oxytocin spray side effects indicate oxytocin is a powerful supplement for hormones regarding relationships, trust, and romantic and sexual attraction. Oxytocin affects both men and women to develop a positive rapport, attraction, interest, emotional and sex appeal. Oxytocin spray side effects do ensure that life is full of intimacy and enjoyment by using oxytocin spray supplements.