Oxytocin Side Effects A Comprehensive View

Generally, most hormones affect our thinking and emotions, but they do not influence behavior directly. There are several theories about the specific processes that involve oxytocin. In particular, a good number of oxytocin side effects a comprehensive view research tests show that by decreasing anxiety and prompting us to get close to someone else, oxytocin allows the brain to pay closer attention to subtle social cues.oxytocin side effects a comprehensive view

Oxytocin’s positive effects are well known. The safety of oxytocin is largely based on the fact that your body makes this hormone naturally and in small doses oxytocin therapy rarely has side effects. One side effect noted is that if oxytocin is used excessively it can cause fatigue due to decreased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.

Experiments have found oxytocin side effects a comprehensive view, in games in which you can choose to cooperate or not, people who are given more oxytocin trust their fellow players more. Also, clinical trials have found that oxytocin can help people with autism, and those who have trouble in social situations. Studies have also found that oxytocin can increase altruism, generosity, and other behaviors that are good for social life. The following video by Dr. Kurk Woeller is very informative.

“People got carried away with the idea of the cuddle hormone,” says University of California, Los Angeles, psychologist Shelley E. Taylor, PhD. Her work on oxytocin side effects a comprehensive view, suggests that the hormone is high in women whose relationships are in distress. “It’s never a good idea to map a psychological profile onto a hormone; they don’t have psychological profiles.”

More Evidence About Oxytocin Side Effects A Comprehensive View

More evidence of oxytocin side effects a comprehensive view comes from Mount Sinai School of Medicine psychologist Jennifer Bartz, PhD. In a study published online about Oxytocin hindering trust in borderline personality disorders, Dr. Bartz and her colleagues examined whether oxytocin might boost trust and cooperation, measured with a well-studied economic game, among men and women with borderline personality disorder, who tend to have volatile relationships. She found that rather than increasing trust and teamwork, a dose of oxytocin decreased those feelings compared with a placebo.

Inhibiting Factors Concerning Oxytocin Side Effects A Comprehensive View

Oxytocin side effects a comprehensive view reveals factors that inhibit your body’s ability to make oxytocin, including stress, opioid drug use, and even the emotions of fear and anger. An earlier medical conference on oxytocin in South America Quentin J. Pittmanreported that oxytocin affects your blood flow on a daily basis. High blood pressure and migraine headaches have both been linked to low levels of the oxytocin hormone.