Oxytocin Side Effects

The Oxytocin side effects use can be both good and bad. Primarily just be sure that you are using a quality Oxytocin product to limit side effects.

oxytocin side effectsSome of the good oxytocin side effects include feeling closer and more intimate with people you care about. The oxytocin hormone is essential to bonding. Nursing mothers produce oxytocin when breastfeeding their babies, or when she hears her baby cry.

Another positive side effect is that oxytocin helps control testosterone production and makes testosterone more potent by converting it to DHT.

Additionally oxytocin may be an important factor in weight loss. One 2011 oxytocin study using obese mice treated with oxytocin injections caused the  mice to eat less and lose excess body fat. The research has found that oxytocin effects blood sugar levels in the blood. One of the positive oxytocin side effects of the research concluded that “peripheral Oxtocin treatment provides a new therapeutic avenue for treating obesity and over eating.

More research about Oxytocin Side Effects

One 2011 research performed at Huddinge Hospital of Karolinska Institute studied reversing post-menopause symptoms was published in 2011. The study found that topical oxytocin therapy could treat vaginal atrophy, the major causes of pain during sex in postmenopausal women. Learn more about the study and postmenopausal oxytocin side effects.

If you have one or more supplemental deficiency, taking oxytocin can be very helpful. It is also important to find out the cause of deficient oxytocin side effects. Nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and genetic factors are all possible causes of decreased oxytocin levels.

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We have assembled some lists of the most popular oxytocin supplements here on our site for you and others who are looking to learn about the good and bad the side effects of oxytocin administration.  Listed are the more important features along with the pros and cons of each oxytocin product.