Pure Oxytocin Accelerator 1 Oz Nasal Spray

Product Features

  • For Grownups Only. Homeopathic Solution Nasal Spray or Spray under Tongue.Manages stress levels
  • . Reduces yearnings for sweets.Have understood to help with pain.
  • Produces a calming effect.Increases sexual receptiveness & orgasms.
  • Research studies reveal efficacy in Austism & Asperger's. Emphasizes ► Oxytocin nasal spray impressively affects on social cognition. ► It enhances the early detection of affect from social cues, especially favorable social cues. ► It enhances the precise appraisal of affect from social hints at strategic levels of processing. ► Cognitive experimental methods may supply powerful tools to identify markers of response. ► These markers have value in predicting private behavioral and healing response.
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Product Description

Oxytocin plays a big role in brokering all of our relationships. A natural empathogen, oxytocin enhances marital relationships, promotes enduring friendships and even stimulates trust amongst strange

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