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Liquid Trust

Liquid Trust is an unique product in our brochure. Rather of pheromones, it includes a special social hormone not discovered in a lot of scent items. Studies have revealed that it

Oxytocin Xxcelerator

Approximate. 300 Sprays 6 weeks supply 1/2 ounce nasal application Oxytocin XXcelerator is a quick action nasal procedure developed to naturally support healthy adult oxytocin levels. This protocol i

OxySlim™ Oxytocin Weight Loss Nasal Spray

Oxytocin nasal spray dose before a meal has been shown to lower your fat and calorie intake as well as control sugar absorption, and increase your fat burn.

Oxytocin is an essential regulator

OxyLuv Oxytocin Nasal Spray (No unnatural preservatives or fillers) 1oz.

OxyLuvTM simulates the impacts of the bodies naturally taking place hormonal agent Oxytocin. OxyLuvTM consists of genuine Oxytocin not simply Oxytocin accelerators like other brands. KEEP REFRIGERATED

Pure Oxytocin Accelerator 1 Oz Nasal Spray

Oxytocin plays a big role in brokering all of our relationships. A natural empathogen, oxytocin enhances marital relationships, promotes enduring friendships and even stimulates trust amongst strange