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As a beneficial hormone, oxytocin is now available in a variety of brands and forms to help improve human disorders. During my research for the right product I read through many oxytocin reviews and I discovered that some oxytocin side effects are not so good.

As always, if we really want to understand what the good and bad Oxytocin side effects are, we should look at what the experts have to say in their own oxytocin reviews.  Wikipedia gives us an in depth look at the discovery of Oxytocin.  The authors of one Oxytocin review article in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry takes a look at what Oxytocin is really doing. The hormone oxytocin could play a role in treating psychiatric disorders such as autism and schizophrenia, according to this and other oxytocin reviews.

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Also one of the better Oxytocin reviews worth reading addresses the issues of drug design and recent findings on Oxytocin and its roles in behavior, stress and pain regulation. In this oxytocin review, they address the issues of drug design and specificity and focus our discussion on recent findings on oxytocin and its receptor OTR. oxytocin reviews

We have assembled a few lists of the most popular oxytocin supplements here on our site for you and others who are looking to learn about the good and bad the side effects of oxytocin administration.  Listed are the more important features along with the pros and cons of each oxytocin product.

How Pitocin is Different than Oxytocin

Oxytocin supplements are administered either by nasal spray or sublingual drops. When the body releases natural oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, it promotes bonding with the baby after birth. Natural ways to increase the release of oxytocin include skin-to-skin contact, lovemaking, breastfeeding, and other personal contact. If natural oxytocin is interfered with, oxytocin suppliments can help with the bonding process.

According to the oxytocin reviews I have read about Pitocin, it is administered through an IV in a continuous manner, while a body’s release of oxytocin is a pulsing action. The numbers of inductions of labor using drugs like Pitocin and other medications has gone up dramatically in the last few years. Science shows us that inducing labor can increase the complications in the labor and with the baby. Many labor inductions are not for medical reasons but rather for convenience. One misconception women are lead to believe is that induction is completely safe and relatively easy, believing that Pitocin is just another form of the body’s own oxytocin.

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